Heavy Equipment Repair Helena Montana

Here’s a few pictures of a heavy equipment repair we did in Helena Montana on a severely damaged excavator bucket.

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Successful Heavy Equipment Repair

This heavy excavator bucket came out great and I’ve been prying on some hard rock and pulling full scoops with no problem. Grateful it all worked out…

Chop it up!

Once we got this heavy excavator bucket into the shop, I commenced with chopping out all the prior owner’s welds and all the majorly disfigured parts of steel.

The primary concern was the pin attachment platform, which was not damaged much, but it was literally torn from the rest of the bucket.

Once I cut the pin attachment away, I torched out all the mangled steel and in order to get fresh mating surfaces and then chopped a 10 inch section out of the entire bucket.

Lot’s Of Grinding

After cleaning up those surfaces and burning through several grinding wheels, which is usually the most time consuming part of a heavy equipment repair project, I carefully lined up, fine tuned and matched up the 2 halves. I then strapped and tacked it all together to stick weld the seams.

Reassembly Of The Excavator Bucket

After the majority of the 2 halves was welded with several multi pass layers in the high stress areas, I added filler steel and welded the mounting pin assembly back to the excavator bucket. I used several pieces of the cutaway section to fill gaps and nicely complete the fabrication.

Lot’s Of Hard Work With An Excellent Outcome

This was about 30 hours of cutting, grinding, fitting, and welding. A one man job completed here in Helena, Montana!

Overall, this excavator bucket came out looking great and it has been heavily used in our hard rock claim. If you need some heavy equipment repair, small projects, or fabrication, give us a call. Thanks!

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